I went to Greece!! A quick glance at what we did there.

In early summer of 2009 I was able to go to Greece. We hope to go back again soon within the next few years. Our purpose was twofold. They needed a woman chapperone for the young ladies going. We also went as a missions trip, and to see Greece and to take in the sites. We met many people from around the world. There was a large group that met there, about 105 in all. I love that we made so many friends from around the world.

Our first stop was in Athens. That was where our plane landed. Next stop was Port Astro. We helped aid Muslim Refugees, and no, we are not Muslim or believers of Islam. We do believe in the love of Christ however, and know that it can be shared and shown to everyone. It was very interesting, but to see the families get to be fed, housed, and be part of a great summer camp that was more like a vacation, was a wonderful thing.

The Island of Evia and the surrounding area was beautiful to see in Greece. There is a little inlet there, and that is where we were. We were still on the mainland. Being part of a team like this, was just wonderful. They were truly helping others, and not even people that are generally kind to what we believe. All this while discovering a new part of the world, was awesome.

We stayed in Athens, at a place where they do weekly meals for the Muslim Refugees there, again, just to show the love of Christ to people. They also have a place to wash clothes, take showers, etc. Its just the sort of place you would love to find if you were a stranger in a new land. The missionary work there is simply phenomenal, and of course not for profit in anyway. They volunteer a lot, and rely on generous donations to carry out the mission of helping others. They do much more as well, but this is just what I was aware of.

We slept on the roof, with an incredible view of the lit up Acropolis in the distance. WOW!
The next morning, would be our chance to walk to the Acropolis, to see the Parthenon and everything else up there, like Mars Hill, where Paul the Apostle philosophized with the philosophers of the day. Just incredible to observe this history and where everything took place.

For dinner later that same night, we had the most amazing Gyros and Slovaki you could have ever hoped to have! We got a good recommendation for the best tasting gyros around. We were not dissapointed! There was a lot of Grecian Nightlife we observed, and it was all so fun to take it all in.

The Acropolis means, "highest city", and that was where we went the next day. I will always remember this time, I simply loved it, from the tiny wildflowers on the ground along the walk, to the views in the distance. The surrounding walls were just incredible to behold. My camera and hands hardly knew where to begin to take pictures!

There is the feel of the incline as you walk up, and this is great exercise. I was told by some friends that went to Greece before us, that everything they went to see in Greece, was "UP", lol. This was for sure the case in this situation. We actually took a longer route up, but it was good for us, and we got to see some things closer up as opposed to missing them altogether. In all my time in Greece, I was only able to capture one Moth on film, but there were many beautiful butterflies as well.

We saw everything on the Acropolis, like the Parthenon of course, the Agora, Mars Hill, Erechthion, the Agora Museum, Stoa of Attalos, the Great Drain, among many other things. I only wished we had more time, I felt so rushed. I could have taken days in this whole area!

Going to the Corinth Canal, then to Corinth was the next part of our trip.
I love Acro Corith, which is like a castle fortress from many ages ago! There is quite a history there, and much worth the research! I hope to find out much more about the happenings at Arcro Corinth. You could observe many different cultures through the architecture they used.

We saw were the underground springs feed down to Corinth, and ate lunch at a wonderful little place up on the roof! We saw the area where it is mentioned many times in the Bible..it is full of wonderful archeology plus a great museum. Oh for more time!

We went to Kiparissia and stayed on that part of the peninsula for a good part of the trip. We went out to many villages delivering New Testaments, that were approved by the church leadership in Greece. People were happy to receive the gift, though some were skeptical. Some were glad we were neither Jehovah's Witnesses, nor Catholics. It was a very interesting experience seeing the small villages. Kiparissia is off the coast, and in Western Messenia. I would so love to go back. We camped in tents in a wonderful campground there, and slept to the sound of waves crashing.

We met a woman born in 1900, she was 109 years old. She kept trying to speak to me, and would get tears in her eyes. Such a wonderful time, they shared treats with us, and wanted to feed us more, etc.

I took over 1100 pictures! I could have gotten many more! Thank you so much for reading this. I will update as I can, and let you know if I ever go back. I will post updates I hear as well.

For instance, I learned they are working on a well there, at the Muslim Refugee Camp so they can have more ease with water needs.

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